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Custom toys made just for you and your fans.

Seeking Custom Toys? Please, feel at ease and take your time.

With a decade’s experience in toymaking, Kabi Toy has crafted a diverse array of toys.

Although vinyl figures, action figures, polystone statues, and plush toys rank as our most sought-after creations, we’re also proficient in making other types of collectibles, as you’ll see below.

We hope that our offerings captivate your interest, and we look forward to your reaching out for an estimate.

(P.S. To explore the wide range of fantastic toys we create at Kabi Toy, please visit our Custom Toys page.)

Other Toys we Love to Make

Stress Toys

Imagine squishy foam stress balls, custom-crafted to mirror your brand character, mascot, or product. These aren’t your ordinary stress relievers. Detailed paintwork and custom packaging elevate them to a unique novelty item.

Custom Capes

Picture premium, high-quality superhero and costume capes, meticulously designed from the ground up using top-tier fabrics and screen printing to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our capes, professionally patterned and tailored, are crafted with an emphasis on style and comfortable wear.

Tin Lunch boxes

Consider our retro-styled tin lunch boxes, so exquisitely designed they verge on being tinplate masterpieces. Custom-printed and embossed exclusively for our clients, they’re a nod to nostalgia with a touch of modern flair.

Metal Collectibles

Are you in search of a plastic figure? If action figures, vinyl figures, or resin figurines don’t quite match your needs, reach out to us. We’ll explore all possible avenues to meet your requirements!

Army Men

We offer custom-designed figures, reminiscent of the classic little green army men but featuring unique professions and poses, all complete with custom packaging. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us.

Metal Collectibles

We have the ability to create a variety of heavy-duty metal collectibles. Our expertise spans the production of diecast vehicles, pewter figurines, and sheet metal business card holders. For more specifics, please get in touch with us.

Bendy Toys

Echoing the design of the classic Gumby, these toys are custom-crafted with wires in their arms and legs for dynamic posing and playful interaction. For more in-depth information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mini Figures

Your perfect match might be found under vinyl figures and action figures, but if those options don’t fully align with your vision, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Kabi Toys is Your Toy Making Partner.

My toys will be superior and identical to the approved designs

Stringent quality checks and safety evaluations are conducted independently

Guaranteed on-schedule delivery and adherence to budget

Our toy creation process is followed meticulously and planned strategically

Exceptionally designed and suitable for collectors

With more than 10 years in the toy-making industry, our creations have consistently delighted fans and collectors

I will be a satisfied customer

Working with Kabi Toys ensures reliability and an enjoyable experience

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