Hello from Joyful Creators!

We are a dedicated toy production company.
Our expertise lies in crafting delightful vinyl, plush, and resin treasures. Our ultimate goal is to ensure satisfied clients, thrilled fans, and an abundance of toy-induced happiness!

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Toy Making &

Manufacturing Services

We work closely with our clients to design and produce bespoke toys and collectibles

that hold a special place in hearts, on desks, and in homes.

Toy Manufacturing

We passionately create vinyl figures, action figures, plush toys, along with polyresin and resin figurines, and other cherished toys and collectibles for fans.

Collector's Editions

In collaboration with our clients, we bring to life cherished collector’s and limited-edition pieces that enthusiastic fans greatly appreciate and love.

Convention Exclusives

We design unique gifts and collectibles specifically to ignite excitement and interaction among fans and attendees at conventions, events, and trade shows.

Reliable Toymaker for

The World's Top Brands

We enthusiastically collaborate with the world’s top creative minds, game studios,

and toy enthusiasts. Together, we create toys and collectibles

that not only excite design teams and devoted fans but also meet financial targets.

We advocate for green packaging solutions.

Embracing sustainable packaging lessens the environmental footprint of products, pushing them towards more sustainable practices.

Our commitment to a better planet drives us to continuously explore environmentally friendly and cost-effective packaging alternatives.


Unleash Your Creativity with Custom Vinyl Figures

Vinyl figures are a unique blend of fun and artistic expression. These figures, with their contemporary, exaggerated, and striking nature, are fitting for a range of stylized characters. If you’ve ever been curious about the process behind these captivating figures, let’s dive into the world of custom vinyl figure manufacturing. The Design Phase: Crafting the

The Art and Science of Creating Custom Vinyl Figures

Vinyl figures, with their modern, exaggerated, and eye-catching attributes, are a unique fusion of playfulness and artistic expression. They are suitable for a variety of stylized characters, making them a popular choice among collectors and enthusiasts. But the creation of these custom vinyl figures is a meticulous process that involves several stages. Let’s delve deeper

Start creating your custom toys today!

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