We Make (Great) Toys &


We create toys that fans and collectors love.

Toy and Collectible Creation

We specialize in crafting toys, collectibles, and joy for customers, enthusiasts, and collectors alike.

A few of our cherished creations include…

Some of the toys we make...
We're also in charge of...
Toy Design & Prototyping

We turn prototyping into an enjoyable experience and provide designs that captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Retail & Gift Packaging

We provide complete toy packages, ensuring the packaging is as impressive as the contents within.

We love creating for fans...

Collector’s Editions

In collaboration with our clients, we develop collector’s and limited editions, encompassing exceptional central collectibles, premium packaging, and all elements in between. We don’t stop until collectors adore them.

Convention Exclusives

We create limited edition collectibles, bespoke gifts, and distinctive merchandise, designed specifically to captivate fans at conventions and events.

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