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On this page, we’ll initially address the three most frequently asked questions about turning cherished characters into fantastic custom action figures.

Following that, we’ll divulge numerous specifics about our action figure design and manufacturing process – from the design decisions that need to be considered, the prototyping of the action figures, all the way to their production into cherished toys and authentic collectibles.

We hope our process intrigues you and encourages you to reach out for an estimate.

In Brief

10 – 20 weeks

from concept to delivery


6inch action figures


see rough estimates below

Reliable planning,

quality and excellent

Top 3 Questions About Making Action Figures

How many toys: Quantities & Ideal Order Sizes

We have the capacity to produce 500 or more action figures in a single production run. With our extensive experience in handling large and complex toy distributions, we are fully equipped to manage orders ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions.

If an order of 500 seems excessive for your needs, you might consider other great options like polystone figurines and designer vinyl figures.

Timelines: Creation-to-Delivery

The process to design, prototype, manufacture, and deliver an order of action figures typically spans between 10 to 20 weeks. Certain figures, particularly those with intricate designs or mixed materials and production techniques, may require additional time.

While expedited, or “rush,” schedules can sometimes be accommodated, there are limitations to how swiftly toys can be produced. We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss what’s feasible for your project. Please note that rush schedules may require a faster review and approval process and might incur some additional rush costs.

How much $: Costs
Budgeting for custom action figures includes three parts:
1.Per unit

Typically, 6-inch tall action figures that come with accessories cost between $20 and $40 per unit for an order of 500 toys. On the other hand, the price for 4-inch tall action figures usually varies from $8 to $12 each for the same quantity order.

2.Setup Investments

Additional one-time charges for design, prototyping, and tooling typically range from $20,000 to $30,000 or possibly more. These costs depend on the complexity of the action figure and the available reference artwork or assets.


Shipping costs are charged separately and are dependent on factors such as the quantity of the order, the size of the packaged action figure, and the destination of delivery. We would be glad to provide a freight estimate once we delve into the specifics of your project.

Kabi Toys is your go-to custom partner for for action figures.

You can trust that your toys will be of high quality and adhere to approved independent quality audits and safety testing standards.

We ensure delivery within the agreed timeframe and budget.

Our meticulous adherence to the toy-making process and careful planning results in well-designed, collectible-worthy products.

Having over a decade’s experience in toy making, we have consistently pleased fans and collectors.

As our client, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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